Terms & Conditions:

There could be situations when customers request a refund of the payments made for the products or services purchased or availed on your website or app. Depending on the time that you wish the refunds to be processed for your customers, you can opt either for:

Refund Policy:

Normal Refunds where it takes 5-7 working days for the refunds to reach your customers. Instant Refunds where the customers receive their amount almost immediately.By issuing instant refunds to your customers, you can provide a better user experience for them. This also helps in improving their reliability and trust in your business.

About Us

Lokmat Pratishthan is the Social,Econmical and Educational Voluntary work Satara ,Sangli ,Sindhudurg ,Pune,Solapur , Ahmadnagar is extremely poorly Districts. Although this is globalization situation the rural area remains backward.